What You Need To Know About Grinder

October 08,2022

The in-line grinder is a kind of grinding machine that uses lapping tools coated with or embedded with abrasive to grind the surface of workpiece.


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Basic information about the in-line grinder


The grinder is mainly used to grind high-precision plane, internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, threaded surfaces and other profiles in the workpiece. The main types of grinders are disc grinders, rotary shaft grinders and various special grinders.


The control system of the grinder takes PLC as the control core, and the text display is the control mode of human-computer dialogue interface. The man-machine dialogue interface can talk with people about equipment maintenance, operation, fault and other information; The operation interface is intuitive and convenient, and the program control is simple. In addition, it has the advantages of real-time monitoring, fault and error alarm, and convenient maintenance.


Features of the in-line grinder


Lapping is an important processing method in ultra precision machining. It has the advantages of high processing accuracy and a wide range of processing materials. However, traditional lapping has the disadvantages of low processing efficiency and high processing cost. It limits the application of traditional lapping.


Our product improves the level of grinding technology. While ensuring the grinding accuracy and quality, we also significantly reduce the processing cost and improve the processing efficiency. This product makes grinding technology more practical and is conducive to the promotion and application of grinding technology.




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