The Reasons for the Wide Application of Thermoforming Plastic Cup Packaging Machines

August 01,2022

In recent years, there have been many important technological advancements in thermoforming plastic cup packaging machines (that is, packaging machines that integrate cup making, labeling, filling, heat sealing, and slitting), and thermoforming plastic cups The cost of packaging is very low, and it has obvious advantages compared with other packaging forms, so it has become more and more widely used. The main reasons are as follows:


hermoforming Plastic Cup Packaging Machines


  • Combined with labeling (circumferential or side labeling) technology, the decoration effect of product packaging is greatly improved, which is very beneficial to product sales.


  • The application range of this packaging machine is expanding, and thermoforming plastic cup packaging machines are also being used in many new fields, such as: long-acting yogurt, lactic acid drinks, school milk, baby food, etc.


  • The progress of the thermoforming plastic cup packaging machine in "green" and "environmental protection" makes it continue to replace other packaging forms and obtain greater development opportunities.


  • The thermoforming plastic cup packaging machine can be "tailor-made" according to the unique requirements of customers for products, and can meet the specific requirements of customers in the most economical way.


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