Something You should Know about Sheet Machine

August 16,2022

The sheet machine mainly produces PP sheet molding plastic, which is a new type of thermosetting molding plastic, which is used in chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, electrical, and electronic industries.


The sheet machine is a kind of unsaturated polyester glass fiber added with a thickening agent, filler, mold release agent, curing agent, etc., which is impregnated, with glass fiber yarn, and covered with film on both sides to form a sandwich structure. Production equipment for composite materials.


sheet machine


There are a few points that need to be paid attention to when maintaining the sheet machine:


  1. Daily cleaning. The daily cleaning of the sheet machine is very necessary. After many times of operation, there will inevitably be some residues left in the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, the service life of the grinding gear will be reduced.


  1. Regularly check the internal thermoforming machine.


  1. In the event of a sudden power failure, etc., the power supply should be cut off first, some operations should be stopped, and then start the maintenance and the rest of the work after the follow-up call.


Types of products produced by the sheet machine


As a plastic sheet production equipment, it produces many kinds of products, including boxes, plastic cups, cup lids, plastic bowls, etc. These plastic products are used in many fields, such as the fast food industry, packaging industry, logistics, etc. The most common use is in the family. Some plastic cups and plastic dishes are almost all made of sheet equipment.


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