How to Operate the Thermoforming Machine Safely?

September 17,2022

If any machine is not operated safely, it will inevitably cause serious accidents. Today, let's talk about how to operate the thermoforming machine safely.


Heat Thermoforming machine


Safety operating procedures for thermoforming machines


  1. The thermoforming machine shall be operated by a specially assigned person. The operator must be trained and familiar with the equipment, operation, and relevant knowledge. The operator shall concentrate when operating the equipment.


  1. The equipment must be well grounded to avoid electric shock.


  1. Before starting up, first check whether the air compressor, vacuum pump, oil atomizer, etc. are short of oil. During continuous operation, check once per shift. It is strictly forbidden to run the equipment short of oil.


  1. Pay attention to whether the sound of the air compressor is normal at any time during operation. Observe that its pressure shall not exceed the rated value. If any abnormality is found, the power and water shall be cut off immediately.


  1. According to the environmental humidity, discharge the sewage in the water separator filter at any time.


  1. Before starting, check whether the protective cover is installed, whether the set temperature (or pressure regulating) of the heater is within the specified range, and whether the time setting of each program meets the requirements.


  1. When switching on and powering on and opening the air valve to connect compressed air, all personnel must stand in the safe area to avoid injury caused by instantaneous misoperation of the equipment.


  1. During the startup and operation of the equipment, the operator must pay attention to safety and shall not touch the dangerous parts of the equipment.


  1. If the equipment is abnormal, it shall be shut down for maintenance. It is forbidden to operate equipment with faults.


  1. In case of any fault or accident during operation, press the emergency stop switch in time, and continue to work after the fault is eliminated.


  1. When the plunger or equipment is not used for adjustment, maintenance, and, each shutdown, the plunger safety pin must be inserted.


  1. After the work is completed, switch off the power and cut off the air source. Cover the work table with a clean plastic plate to prevent dust.


  1. The limit switch on the equipment shall not be adjusted randomly.


  1. Power shall be cut off when replacing the mold, tabletop, and pressing frame, and extra care shall be taken for the initial test run after replacing the mold.


  1. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the air tank at least once a week to drain.
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