How much do You Know about Paper Cup Printing Machine?

October 08,2022

Disposable paper cups are now widely used in catering, tourism, leisure, and other service industries. They have been completely dissolved in the daily life of the people. With the increasing improvement of the quality of life, the consumption of paper cup has increased year by year from all levels of organizations to thousands of households. The near-zero visual distance with paper cups as the advertising carrier will certainly leave a deep impression on people.


paper cup printing machine


Customized paper cups for advertising are a kind of advertising form that is born with the times. It is a kind of practical advertisement in concept. Practical advertising refers to the use of objects with practical functions as advertising carriers for advertising release and placement. The purpose is to realize the practicality of the carrier itself. At the same time, the advertising nature attached to it can also be highlighted. Finally weaken the acceptance, rejection, and escape brought by the single advertising nature, to realize the flexible communication of advertising. This form of advertising is particularly effective and widely used in all walks of life today, when advertisements are rampant and encounter serious psychological resistance and visual boredom!


The plateless paper cup printing machine is designed to meet the needs of the small batch paper cup customization industry, realize plate-making free, one-start printing, without color restrictions, and can print single-sided coated paper, synthetic paper, photo paper, and other materials. The printing width is 218MM, basically meeting the needs of most paper cups and bowls. The paper cup printing machine can also reduce the cost pressure and inventory pressure of customers.