Features of Offset Printing Machine

September 01,2022

With the continuous development of offset printing press production, new models are also emerging. In particular, the offs printing machine. How to identify whether a printing press is an offset press? We only need to observe the following two aspects. First, see if there is a blanket cylinder on this printing press. See if there is a water supply device around the plate cylinder of this printing press. If it has both, it is an offset press.


Offset Printing Machine


The characteristics of the offset printing machine are as follows:


① The elastic blanket is used as the medium for image and text transfer, which has the characteristics of stable embossing. It also requires less printing pressure and high quality prints.


②In lithography, it is mostly matched with advanced technologies such as phototypesetting and electronic color separation. Therefore, its plate-making speed is fast and the layout effect is good. And the plate-making process is short, the quasi-finishing time is less, and the cost is low.


③The surface of the printing plate is relatively flat. In the process of image and text transfer, because the ink color distribution is relatively uniform, the obtained prints (especially fine prints) have strong dots and full color.


④The printing speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.




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