Daily Maintenance of Grinding Machine

July 05,2022

The grinder should be maintained and used by a specially assigned person, and it should be overhauled regularly to ensure that the machine tool is in good condition.


grinding machine


  1. After the operation, all parts of the machine, especially the sliding parts, should be wiped clean and oiled.


  1. Remove the grinding debris from all parts of the grinder.


  1. Rust proof the necessary parts.


Precautions for using the above grinder maintenance


  1. Before grinding, please correct the balance of the grinding wheel.


  1. The grinding wheel must be carefully selected according to the material and hardness of the work.


  1. The spindle end and grinding wheel flange should be coated with a thin oil film to prevent rust.


  1. Please pay attention to the rotation direction of the spindle.


  1. It is forbidden to use air guns to clean work objects and machines.


  1. Please pay attention to whether the oil circuit of the oil window is smooth.
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