3 Main Structures of Thermoforming Machine

November 01,2022

The thermoforming machine is suitable for the mixing processing and batching test of polymers in the rubber and plastics industry. It is mainly used to test whether it meets the required color and quality. And it also can be used as the basis for batching before mass production in factories.


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3 main structures of thermoforming machine


✅Electrical control part


Traditional catapults use contact relays to switch various actions. They often fail due to loose contact screws and aging contacts. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced with a new product to ensure the stability of electrical control. In particular, environmental factors such as dust adhesion and air humidity also affect the action of the machine.


Modern ejector adopts non-contact integrated circuit, which greatly reduces the connection of wires. It can obviously improve the bad phenomenon caused by wires, and improves stability.




Mechanisms should be regularly maintained and lubricated to reduce the coefficient of friction and wear. The nuts and locking screws on the top plate should be checked regularly to prevent the core column from breaking due to uneven stress.


✅Hydraulic part


In terms of the hydraulic systems, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of hydraulic oil to maintain its quality of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil with good stability and good quality should be used. In addition to regular replacement, its working temperature should be properly controlled below 50 ℃, so as not to deteriorate the stability of the hydraulic action.


The operation steps of the thermoforming machine


  1. The high-pressure setting of mold clamping is 135bar, 10%; the low-pressure speed setting value is 20%, the low-pressure position setting value is 100mm; the low-pressure time is set to 5 seconds.


  1. Use the advance and retreat of mold adjustment to determine the clamping force; it should be based on the rising value of the system pressure gauge when the mold is closed under high pressure. Refer to the Die Lock Force Oil Pressure Comparison Chart.


  1. After opening the mold, set the low-pressure position to zero.


  1. Press to close the mold until the mold touches and releases immediately. At this time, it is assumed that the moving die position is "X" and the low-pressure position is set to "X+1" mm.


  1. Then set the low voltage protection width: the low voltage protection width is the distance from low speed to low voltage.


  1. The low voltage protection time is usually set to 1.2 seconds.




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